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During these uncertain times, having remote access to financial tools is more important than ever. Discover everything you can access with the touch of a finger.


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Whether you’re considering a COMMERCIAL REAL ESTATE LOAN or an EQUIPMENT FINANCING LOAN, Lake Area Bank has customized options for just about any purpose.

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First Time Home Buyer?

We’ve got you covered!

Buying your first home is exciting! So don’t let your worries of a down payment get in the way of owning your first home. You may qualify for a MN down payment assistance program.

Lake Area Mortgage is dedicated to making the entire process smooth and simple.

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Refinance Loans

Refinancing Loans

Making payments on a loan with suboptimal terms can make you feel trapped. Luckily, refinancing can help you find more suitable terms for the loan. Essentially, refinancing replaces an old

Retirement Help

Transitioning to Retirement

Transitioning to retirement takes planning and preparation. But if you’re wise, you can set yourself up for success. Whether you have a pension or a retirement fund that you’ve been

Financial To-Do's for Newlyweds

Financial To-Dos for Newlyweds

Before the big day, sit down with your partner and talk finances. Some of these to-dos have a time limit—sometimes as short as two weeks after your wedding! Don’t miss